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"Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently"

~Marie Forleo


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What They’re Saying

My business hired Chef Elyce for Christmas catering. Everything was top notch, delicious and very professionl! Im here for everything Chef Elyce has to offer.

Chiquita Carrol

Chef Elyce Red Velvet cake was so fire! OMG!! I never enjoyed red velvet cake as much as this, my husband loved it as well!

Alana Harris

Elyce and her team have been assisting me for over a year with private dining. She is the eptiome of professionalism. Her presentation is breathtaking with the taste of her dishes exceeding beyond measures. I look forward to many more private events with Chef Elyce!

Patrick Hedmond


Chef Elyce desserts and food is amazing! My peach cobbler bread pudding was the best I've ever tasted. God has truly blessed Elyce hands. A beautiful gift they are!

Carla Shy

OMG! the food and desserts are amazing! especially the peach cobbler bread pudding and butter pecan bundt cake. soooooo good!

Roberta Adams

ooooooh the banana pudding was simply great! Elyce skills are unmatched!

Tynesia Halfcare


One of the best Chefs I have ever hired! Elyce professionalism, patience, work ethic, food and desserts are renowned to say the least. Elyce gives us a memorable dinner every time we hire her team.Her spirit is calming while her laughter is healing. I have yet to find a Chef with passion shown on a plate as well as the palate. I always look forward to private dining with Chef Elyce!

Taylor Petrell

Elyce Lemon cake was simple delicious. It was literally gone, even the crumbs. Cant wait to order again!

Diondra Stapleton

Exceptional. Chef Elyce never disappoints. Such a humble lady with alot to brag about but instead she give her all to every client. I love everything about Chef Elyce and The Whisk Life! My favorite Chef!

Sarah Roberts



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